florida is a godless place. I went there once, got in the ocean, and immediately had to evacuate because a bull shark was swimming right towards me. there was an alligator on the side of the freeway. meth addicts and men on tractors roam free. florida is america’s australia

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Disneyland Icons

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Lady and the Tramp Easter eggs at Tokyo Disneyland, photo by Ryutaro Koma.

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Calvin Ross Carl

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alternate 5b episode titles

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make me choose: Brad Pitt or and Angelina Jolie
      ” Brad is a wonderful man and a great father and the person I admire most in the world because I know who he is every minute of every day. I think he’s extraordinary.

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Happy Easter.

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Is that you in that beautiful car? Geez, what a waste of machinery!

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Neil Ta
Urban Tube Snake, 2014

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  • citizen: it's a bird!
  • citizen: it's a plane!
  • *superman flies down with kryptonite between his teeth*
  • superman: it's a metaphor
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